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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Once Upon A Time

Just nk share my new fav. tv gak layan citer ni.  Da bosan layan citer2 series yg cam CSI tu.  So, jom kita layan citer2 tak masuk akal lak....hahaha.....

 Once Upon A Time is a show about fairytale characters living in our world - world without magic. In each episode we had a chance to see what happened in the past and what is happening now which gives a chance to collect the pieces together and discover the story behind the characters and what connects them.

 Emma Swan (anak snow white)

 Regina Mills (Evil Queen)

 Mary Margaret Blanchard (Snow White)

 Mr. Gold (Rumplestilskin)

 David Nolan (Prince Charming)

 More character yg tak bape nak ingat.  Yg pastinya ada 
*red riding hood 
*pemburu yg nk bunuh snow white tu 
*jimmny cricket
*gepeto (tukang kayu yg buat pinnachio)
*mirror (yg evil queen selalu tanya sape yg plg cantik tu) 
dan ramai lagi la...  

Jom layan citer ni.  Sape yg ada Astro PVR tu, record la series link.  hehehe.....

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  1. mam.. season 2 start september ni

    1. ye ke....best2. Kena kasi record ni. Yg last seoson mam tak dpt tgk yg last episod. Mam rekod cuma smpai yg August citer kt emma psl dia pinnochio tu. Adeh, kena tggu astro tayang balik la jwbnya...


-Maria Yusoff-

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